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Tooth Colored Mercury Free Fillings

Composite “tooth colored” fillings not only look more natural than metal fillings but they are also better for the health of your teeth. In the past, mercury based silver fillings were the best option to restore a tooth in need of fixing. But with recent advances in dental materials composite tooth colored fillings are now an ideal choice to restore an unhealthy tooth.

Things to consider about silver fillings

1. Silver metal fillings are absorbed and stain teeth and gums.
2. Since they are metal they expand and contract which over time can cause cracks in teeth or breaks in the filling itself. This can allow decay to occur in these areas.
3. There have been no studies stating that mercury based fillings are a direct threat to a person’s health. However, is it worth the possible risk especially when there are now better alternatives?
4. If a silver filling is taken out of your mouth at our office it is legally considered a Hazardous material and is disposed of by a Hazmat agency.
5. Fixing a tooth with composite material better maintains the strength of the tooth as less healthy tooth structure needs to be removed during preparation for a filling. Your Omaha mercury free white tooth colored fillings dentist will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.