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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an elective procedure but can help in the way you see yourself and how others perceive you. It is natural for people to like white straight healthy-looking teeth because it is a sign of one’s vitality. There are a variety of reasons that your teeth may no longer be white. Some are within your control while others are not. Drinking a lot of wine or coffee can stain your teeth. Smoking will also discolor your smile. Other factors such as medication or childhood illnesses may have contributed to a change of tooth color.

There are a variety of products to whiten your teeth. Cost, time and effectiveness should all be considerations. Some methods work better than others depending on the anatomy of your tooth. Phillips Zoom Advanced is a light activated system your Omaha teeth whitening dentist Dr. Allen uses to produce safe natural looking results. There is no guarantee with the results but on average we have seen a brightening of 7-9 shades. The lasting effects of teeth whitening vary depending on at-home maintenance and your diet, specifically smoking, wine and coffee usage.