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Porcelain Crowns

With our in-office lab milling technology we are now happy to offer crowns in one visit!

These all porcelain crowns contain no metal and are a strong and natural looking solution to a variety of dental issues. Porcelain crowns, or “caps,” will not discolor your gums as do some other types of crowns. The crown itself also does not change color over time unlike your natural teeth. Teeth take a lot of abuse from daily chewing and grinding and eventually wear over time. But a porcelain crown is actually stronger then that of your normal tooth.

Crowns can be used for aesthetic reasons by correcting crowding and spacing gaps or for covering discolored and misshaped teeth. More often than not however they are needed to strengthen and protect an unhealthy tooth in order to extend its lifespan in your mouth. If a tooth is broken, chipped or cracked a crown will restore its strength and appearance. However, the most common reason a crown is needed is because of decay.

“Why can’t I just get a big filling?” When decay causes a big cavity sometimes a filling is not adequate in maintaining the tooth’s strength. Although a filling does mend a tooth, if there is not enough healthy part of the tooth left it will not work very long and the filling will simply fall apart, while the remaining tooth is weakened and may crack. A filling does not make the tooth stronger. Porcelain crowns not only fix dental-related problems but they also result in a more healthy and natural-looking smile. Your Omaha cosmetic dentist porcelain crowns Dr. Allen would be happy to answer any further questions you have.