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Properly aligned teeth are important for the long term function and health of your mouth. The favorable side effect of straight teeth is looking better and having a healthier appearance. Whether you are motivated by health factors or aesthetics, either way you get the benefit of both.

Dr. Allen has achieved a certain level of experience to become an Omaha Invisalign dentist Preferred Provider and is happy to provide you this beneficial treatment. Many adults and older teens prefer the Invisalign invisible braces to straighten their teeth. It has its advantages over traditional braces.

1. Clear plastic aligners are nearly unnoticeable to other people.
2. Since no metal is used you will not cut your tongue, cheeks or lips and irritation should be much less of an issue.
3. You can eat all the food you normally eat since you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck in your braces and teeth. Simply take out the aligners when eating, brush and put them back on.
4. It is easier to keep your oral hygiene. You don’t have to clean around brackets and wires.
5 The amount of time it takes from start to finish is usually faster then traditional braces, usually around six to twelve months.

* We offer free Invisalign consultations.*