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If you have dentures or know anyone who does they will tell you that a good fitting set of teeth are worth their “weight in gold." Dentures should look natural, fit comfortably, and function properly when chewing and speaking. There are many factors that need to be considered when making dentures that fulfill all those needs. Dentures are not a one size fits all fix.

Dr. Allen will find the centerline of your mouth and choose a length and shade of teeth that will be natural in appearance relative to the size of your mouth and shape of your face. Our office will send the dental lab additional photos and will work closely with them in fine tuning the details of your denture.

Your Omaha denture dentist Dr. Allen will provide as many adjustments as needed until the fit is to your comfort and liking. You should be able to wear your denture(s) all day long with minimal inconvenience. If dentures are not worn over time the jawbone will shrink and your face will begin to “sink in” which will give you an older-looking appearance.