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Children Dentistry

A parent or guardian should begin bringing a child to the dentist soon after their baby teeth begin coming in. Generally, age two is a good time to have them take a “ride” on the dental chair. The myth that baby teeth are not important because they will eventually be lost anyway is not true. Baby teeth maintain space for the adult permanent teeth and if come out prematurely can cause a variety of problems and often times will need braces to correct alignment issues.

We all know how impressionable children are at a young age. That is why it is important to introduce your child to the dentist early in life. Becoming desensitized to the dentist office will allow them feel more comfortable in a familiar environment.

Children learn best by example. Let them imitate your good brushing and flossing habits. And remember; try not to threaten them with scare tactics involving dental pain or shots. Dr. Allen an Omaha children's dentist has found keeping visits in a positive light is much more effective in the long run.