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Broken/Decayed Teeth

Once a tooth is broken or has decayed it can never grow back or heal itself on its own. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria eating away at the outer layer of your teeth, the enamel. Although sugar causes decay to happen faster, everything you eat or drink contributes to decay. The best defense to the buildup of such bacteria in your mouth is saliva, but it can only do so much.

Broken or cracked teeth are more susceptible to decay as the protective enamel is no longer able to protect the sensitive insides of the tooth. If a broken tooth is not repaired or if decay is not removed the cavity will keep growing and may reach the nerve of the tooth thereby causing the need of a Root Canal or extraction of the tooth altogether.

If you get a cavity it is important to stop the decay early. Sometimes the cavity is easy to see right on the surface. Many times though the decay occurs under the surface and cannot be seen by eye. That is why x-rays are so important. They are needed to detect the decay that cannot be seen otherwise. Your Omaha emergency dentist Dr. Allen is here to help you locate such issues before they become a problem and cause more damage to your health and smile.