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Bridges & Partials

Missing teeth pose a variety of problems in your mouth initiating a chain reaction which negatively impact other healthy teeth. The problems include shifting teeth, loss of jawbone, difficulty chewing, grinding and clenching, painful jaw joints (TMJ), and the ability to clean your teeth properly.

When a tooth is lost the biting forces change and other teeth near the area will shift. Teeth that directly oppose the missing tooth will extrude out of the socket and eventually become loose due to improper chewing forces. It is also harder to keep the area clean and cavities are more likely to form.

A bridge or partial are good customizable options to replace missing teeth. The bridge or partial will keep teeth from shifting and at the same time keep your bite in its proper position. Many times bridges and partials are not noticeable and look just as good if not better than your original teeth. Your Omaha bridge dentist Dr. Allen will evaluate the condition of your teeth and discuss whether a bridge or partial is a good solution for you.